If students have a digital device, there’s a good chance they have a way to record themselves for a screencast.  Screencasts are valuable because students can present their topic, project, etc. “live” but in an asynchronous environment.  So much class time is used presenting projects.  A screencast posted makes viewing possible anytime- like for homework.  If the post is within a discussion forum they can provide valuable feedback and/or reflection as well.

Personal favorites are Jing and Screencast-o-matic.  There are many other free options to choose from.

What might students screencast?

  • Describe artwork for design principles (Art) or using adjectives (English) or listing symbolism (English)
  • Read aloud from home to practice for vocabulary and fluency
  • Critique qualities of a webpage – content specific or for Net literacy
  • Solve math problems using a paint program to diagram as they talk through the steps to solve the problem
  • Present project
  • Read a poem while showing artwork or symbolic pictures
  • Practice dialog in foreign language
  • Demonstrate understanding of a process – student outlines process by talking with a visual aide
  • For younger students learning about the citation process, allow them to screencast it list of their resources. This can be with our without a scripted explanation