Shut Down

I’m conflicted.

On one side, the federal government has been shut down for 14 days and I have seen no effect on my daily life.  Part of me thinks we can eliminate debt if all our federal dollars went to paying bills rather than the billions going to the stuff that I haven’t noticed is closed.  Of course I realize there are people involved who are helpless in this shutdown and that obviously we need government.  I’m not for anarchy!  The shutdown should force us to notice the negatives of our BIG government though and work to remedy it.

So if we aren’t for doing away with government we DO need it to work correctly.  I hear that republicans are taking the blame for the shutdown.  First, I blame both democrats and republicans, especially when I hear they aren’t willing to compromise for fear of their political ratings and possibility of being re-elected. (News flash! if you do your job you win the admiration of supporters)

I wonder if the average person realizes the republicans are attempting to make our country live on a reasonable budget? Not even a balanced one, just one that isn’t ticking off billions of new debt per day on an exponential curve skyward.  It seems that any parent would want the U.S. to reign in spending so our children will have a country rather than renting it from whomever owns our debt.  I was curious and found that about 34% of our debt is foreign owned, the rest we borrow from ourselves and programs like social security and retirement that we think we can count on. 

I have no conflict at all with wanting our lawmakers to reach compromise in order to both balance an ANNUAL budget and ensure a future for our children that doesn’t include so much indebtedness that they will never know what the American dream means. 


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