Three Wishes

Before you read on, what would you wish for if granted three wishes?

A couple of recent events have made me consider how selfish we are. I count myself in “we” as well so this is not a “holier than thou” post.  Truth is, most of the time if I think about having wishes they involve my family, our health, and happiness.  So following are my three selfless wishes (Really they aren’t selfless because everyone’s life would be improved).

I wish for every parent to spend quality time and effort with their children to ensure that every young person is enriched and grows with the ability to reach their full potential.

I wish that those who chose to go into politics will do so for the sole purpose of improving the quality of life for every citizen, refusing to accept any form of payment or privilege thereby limiting their own term to the time they have to offer.

I wish for everyone of working age to have a job and, as they find a career they enjoy, they are respected for the job they do contributing to our society. (Shouldn’t we respect food service, waste collection, or any other job as much as another? Where would we be without many services we take for granted?)

What selfless wishes would you add?



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