A Nice Teacher

My niece asked my wonderful husband, who is a teacher, “what kind of teacher are you?” this weekend.  He is humble and will say he is average, but I am proud to say he is a great teacher who really cares about students and makes learning science fun and interesting.  He is a storyteller.  He can weave a tale with facts and examples that students won’t forget.  I know there have been many former students who have let him know they became teachers because of his influence.

So it is interesting to find this article from the Washington Post, “It is harder for us to be nice to kids”.  It is well worth a read,

“Getting tough on kids will not make them tougher or any smarter.  Forcing educators to act like their hands are tied at the most important moments in a child’s life only teaches children that the adults in their lives are powerless.  Turning a deaf ear to the needs of kids, to moments when we could be kind rather than just follow the rules, does not help kids learn anything except that those in charge are operating at the lowest level of ethical reasoning.”

“We can teach our children a better lesson.  We can teach them, as I’ve seen hundreds of children learn at my school, that when the chips are down teachers come through.  We can teach them that when it seems like there is no way out of the hole that they have dug, a member of the school staff will show up with a shovel.  We can teach them that no matter what silly, dumb, or downright ignorant thing he or she has said or done in the past, caring adults have short memories for minor mistakes and longer memories for serious work and accomplishment.”

So true.


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