Who’s the Boss

From a Diigo list I came across an article with Tony Danza about his year teaching English at Northeast High in Philadelphia. The title of his book drew me in, I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had. I have to admit I didn’t watch his show, Teach, or even know it aired. After seeing this quote, “how do we send a message to students that being in school and making the most of their time there is important”, I started looking deeper because it sounded like a sincere quote from a teacher rather than an actor. An Amazon review really puts his year and the book into perspective. The book is now on my read list but the quote haunts me.  How do we send a message? OR Why has the message been lost?

Thoughts here?

After his commencement speech at Northeast High Mr. Danza said, “he enriched his own life by being a part of theirs[the students]”. This is the reason teachers stick with their job year after year.



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