Storm Chasing

The DENSI2012 Summer Institute opened with Reed Timmer (@reedtimmerTVN) of Storm Chasers fame.  Be sure to look through his website as he has set up so you and your students are able to track storms live or view the live video weather cams.

If you look up exuberant in a thesaurus, all the adjectives describe Reed and his passion for meteorology.  He is such a good sport, shown at the right posing with Kathy Schrock before his presentation.

Reed TImmer & Kathy Schrock

In his presentation, titled The Science of Extreme Storm Chasing, we got a glimpse of the excitement and seriousness of his work.  His true passion is what inspires me most.  While working with teachers and students, being able to find ways to light a fire of passion about a subject is the ultimate goal.  Children love to wonder, this naturally connects to the STEM subjects.  Give them access to inspired people and their research and chances to experiment to find their own passion.

Thank you for inspiring me and others!


What will you chase?!?!


Love Discovery Education

This year I was honored to attend the Discovery Educator Network Summer Institute (#DENSI2012).  DENSI2012 was hosted at Montana State University in beautiful Bozeman, MT.  I have long known Discovery Education’s dedication to education and have seen their heart in my eight months as a DEN Star educator but the intensity of the DEN spirit at DENSI2012 is awe inspiring.

The uplifting enthusiasm of the DEN members and Discovery team buoys everyone in the group.  We were treated as professionals and motivated to share our talents.  The Discovery  staff are dedicated to providing content to the DEN which in turn encourages members to provide community service to both lift the community and recruit new members.

The experience has changed me and I’m left indebted to the new friends I have made as a result of DENSI. There are too many people to thank in one post.  Thank you to the entire Discovery Education team, to the wonderful featured speakers, and to the DEN community.  Thank you for:  

  • the inspiration
  • providing high quality, relevant sessions
  • giving access to renown speakers and passionate people interested in improving education
  • treating me as a professional with talents to offer
  • making me really understand what it is to be part of the DEN community
  • finding time for so much fun and geekery

I will follow with posts to share session content.