Collaborative Unit

Our seventh grade students learn proportions in math about the same time they learn about genetics in science.  So how do we bring that together into an interdisciplinary unit?  This unit begins with mathematics where students create a proportional image which will be used in other lessons.  I’m sure creative readers will think of more innovative ways; below is an example.


Example eye collage

Language arts could go so many creative ways to create writing samples.  In the unit are ideas for all core subjects, some are specific to using a Mac OSX but other editing software will work nicely.  A language arts teacher created a lesson the students really enjoyed-it is not included in the unit above.  She took the un-cropped picture of the student, they printed it, then made a line of symmetry vertically through the center of the picture.  Students cut their picture in half, then pasted half over a bi-fold sheet.  The student drew in the other half of their picture.  In the completion of the lesson, students open the bi-fold to write a two poems – How I see myself and How others see me.


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